Previous Work

Here you can find links to some of my previous writings in other venues, organized roughly by topic.

Note: I wouldn’t agree with everything I argue in these posts; they were very much the work of a particular time and place. I’m just collecting them here as a record of my past work.

Biblical Studies

Another look at the swoon theory, Part I

Another look at the swoon theory, Part II

Jesus Traditions and Popular Mythology in the Roman Empire

Why historical Jesus research is not a waste of time

Eyewitness Control of the Gospel Tradition: A Game of Whack-a-Mole?

On “Doubting Jesus’ Resurrection”

Reported miracles: an important clarification

Too many Jesuses?

Great expectations: the importance of genre for NT criticism

Bloodline: fact or fiction?

Dutch Radical Criticism, Part 1: An introduction to their views

Dutch Radical Criticism, Part 2: The verdict of Schweitzer

A Defense of Richard Bauckham’s Philosophy of Testimony, Part 1

A Defense of Richard Bauckham’s Philosophy of Testimony, Part 2

Literary invention or lived experience?

Philosophy of Religion

There is no presumption of atheism

The ‘objective’ morality of P.Z. Myers

More on the moral argument

Religion, Evil and Idolatry

Video games and the problem of evil

Rethinking the problem of evil

Several bad reasons to dismiss fine-tuning

Ten (bad) reasons not to believe in God, part 1

Ten (bad) reasons not to believe in God, part 2

Ten (bad) reasons not to believe in God, part 3

Is the Universe too big and old to be a creation of the Christian God?

If God creates, is everything permitted?

How not to do apologetics

Conflict in science and theology: an analysis and critique, part 1

Knowing God (and anyone else for that matter)

The virtue of obstinacy in belief

Does theism=naturalism+God?

Atheism: the view from nowhere? (my first post on the CADRE blog!)


These posts in particular were highly speculative, written in an outburst of creativity unrestrained by careful analysis (see my final ‘Mea Culpa’ post), but I think they’re still interesting to look back on, and still contain some interesting ideas

God, the perfectionist

Christ our Righteousness

On the meaning of Old Testament sacrifice

Christ the Antidote

The Biblical Revelation of the Cross, Part 1

Some clarifications on ‘The Biblical Revelation of the Cross, Part 1’

By his wounds we are healed: vicarious atonement in the Church Fathers

Because of the hardness of our hearts: some thoughts on retributive justice

The sheep and the goats: why there are only two final destinies in the Bible

Mea Culpa

Book Reviews

Apparitions, Healings and Weeping Madonnas by Lisa J. Schwebel

The Last Superstition by Edward Feser

Natural Signs and the Knowledge of God by C. Stephen Evans

The Resurrection of the Messiah by Christopher Bryan

Gospel Mysteries by Darek Barefoot


Setting the record straight: the psychology of one ‘true believer’

A CleanFlicks world?

What is Christianity?

Christianity and survivalism: some thoughts

Write an atheistic bestseller (and disprove the existence of God while you’re at it!) in eight easy steps

SBL: The root of all evil?